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We want everyone to become a Cell C Sharks rugby fan

Rugby's Definition

if you're a Rugby'ginner or a fan trying to convert a Rugby'ginner - watch one of the themed videos that will explain the thrill of Cell c sharks rugby in a way that's easy to understand!

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We've created a few THEMED videos explaining THE UNIQUE THRILL OF CELL C SHARKS rugby in different ways. Choose the video that interests you MOST, Then follow the easy steps to share it.

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Meet some of the team

Get to know the team - with their quirks, stats and interesting facts to help you get to know the game better.

Bismarck du Plessis

BISMARCK DU PLESSIS is not unlike “The Hound.” Tall, strong and with a fierce attitude he GETS TO THE BREAKDOWN quickly, covering lots of ground and taking no prisoners. Much like HIS beloved TV show, rugby is a battle for territory.

BISMARCK, with the other forwards defend their wall – fighting tooth and nail to protect their territory.

Cobus Reinach

Known for his handy boot and boyish good looks, Cobus Reinach is a player any football fan will love.

The top try scorer of last year, this scrumhalf is lethal around the fringes and a great team player. With his extraordinary skill and footwork, plus his penchant for off-the-field pranks, he adds great heart to the Cell C Sharks.

Tonderai Chavhanga

If you’re a motorsport fan it’s probably safe to assume you’ve got a need for speed. And if that’s the case then you won’t be disappointed.

Tonderai Chavhanga, known to many as the Flying Zimbabwean, has been dubbed by some as the fastest man in modern day rugby. As a wing, he needs to be quick on his feet and cover lots of ground, while dodging high-speed crashes and brutish players from opposing teams – and he does it well.

Paul Jordaan

Taking centre stage, Paul Jordaan struts his stuff on the field as one of the fastest backs in South Africa. 

At home as inside and outside centre as well as wing, Jordaan is part of the backline and his key attacking role is to try and break through the defensive line. But make no mistake, when he needs to tackle – it’s certain to be hurt-couture.

Willem Alberts

If you’re a fan of on-screen action or drama filled moments, Willem Alberts is your man. 

A devastating defender, he is known to his fans at The Bone Collector and never ceases to bring nail-biting moments and high-intensity game play to any Cell C Sharks match.

Marco Wentzel

As a lock in the Cell C Sharks, Marco Wentzel plays a pivotal part in the team.

Much like cyclists, in more ways than just the tight uniform, locks are an important part of their “peloton” – the tight five, providing lots of power during arduous scrums.

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